About Me

Yes, Jeff here and I love music, any kind of music…lol. Seriously, I do love music, and I am a fan of all kinds of music from classical to big band music from the 20’s. I enjoy hearing music where you can hear the instruments in their truest form. There is nothing better to me than hearing a saxophone, a violin, or a trumpet sound that is coming from the instrument itself and not a synthesizer. I know there are many who say, “well, you really can’t tell. The synthesizer is made to create the same sound as if it is coming from the instrument.”


I beg to differ. For true music aficionados, we can tell the different. Plus, I played the trumpet in high school and college marching band, so I know of what I speak. Anyway, I really enjoy watching real musicians. Honestly, this is why I am kinda turned off from a lot of the music that is created today. There is no real songwriting, no real sound. It is all “catchy” tunes and beats. You will get a good song come along once in a while, but that’s about it. But still, I try to keep an open mind. So, here it goes: my music blog.



Hope you enjoy!